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Posted: Fri, Nov 7, 2008


Hilan's film writing credits include:

Wagner's Jews (2013)
A Workshop for Peace (produced and directed by Peter Rosen, 2005)- co-writer and researcher. A TV documentary about the architects who designed the United Nations headquarters, commissioned by the UN to mark its 60th anniversary. Broadcast on PBS and NHK.


Hilan's published writing includes research articles about the relationship between film and Wagnerian opera, published by McFarland Press, The Wagner Journal, Wagner Notes, and the Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia (Cambridge University Press. He has also written program notes and articles for Carnegie Hall.

*"That Wagner is most usefully considered in a larger context is confirmed by one of the best essays in this book, Hilan Warshaw's "'The Dream Organ': Wagner as a Proto-Filmmaker," in which Wagner's placement within European Romanticism is illuminatingly theorized, and his influence upon filmmaking is examined. Warshaw's most valuable observation pertains to the extreme suspicion, which still persists in Germany and other countries that experienced Nazi oppression, of the manipulative nature of the Gesamtkunstwerk."

-Professor Simon Williams, reviewing Wagner Outside the 'Ring' (anthology from McFarland Press) in Wagner Notes, February 2010

Link: "The Dream Organ" on Google Books


Hilan has written numerous librettos for works of music and musical theater. His work for the concert hall includes several widely performed collaborations with his sister, composer Dalit Warshaw, as well as the text for Lera Auerbach's Songs of Rebirth, published by Sikorski Press. He has also written book and lyrics for short and full-length musicals, in collaboration with composers including Gaby Alter and Gihie Lee. He has an MFA from NYU's Musical Theater Writing Program, and is a member of ASCAP.

Libretto excerpt 1: Excerpt from "Carnival of the Animals"

Libretto excerpt 2: Scene from "Summerset"

Hilan Warshaw