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Teaching / Lecturing

Teaching / Lecturing

Posted: Wed, Mar 19, 2008

Hilan has lectured about film and cultural topics at venues including Hofstra University, NYU's Deutsches Haus, the Wagner Society of NY, Wagner Society of America, and the Boston Public Library. Recent lecture topics include the influence of Wagnerian opera on the film industry, Wagner and Sergei Eisenstein, and the German/Austrian composers who fled the Nazis and settled in Los Angeles.

In autumn 2011, he taught a course on Romanticism and Film at Barnard College, as part of their English Conference. He has also taught video production classes at Usdan Center for the Arts.

To inquire about Hilan lecturing at your venue, please contact Hilan at

Clips from lecture about Wagner, Romanticism, and science fiction. Wagner Society of NY, February 2012.

Video clip from Hilan's lecture at the annual seminar of the Wagner Society of NY, April 2010.